Creamy Lemon and Herb Tahini Dressing

I had a bottomless bag of sesame seeds in my cupboard. I swear I use them all the time, but the bag wasn’t really getting any smaller. So I decided it was time to say goodbye to the bag of sesame seeds and free up some precious pantry real estate. And, you know, I was making salad for dinner that night so I decided a tahini dressing would be perfect. And here we are!

This dressing is mild-flavored. I’m not really into dressings that make it so everything on the salad tastes the same. It’s an accent, right? So you get a little bit of tahini flavor and a bit of lemon, and that’s perfect for me. 

The dressing will keep in the fridge, but it does dry up, so add a splash of olive oil or lemon juice before serving and give it a shake or a stir 🙂 




1/2 cup sesame seeds (preferably hulled)

3-5 tablespoons olive oil

1 teaspoon dried basil

1 teaspoon dried oregano

1 teaspoon agave (or honey)

1 lemon

~2 tablespoons water (or olive oil if you want!)

Black pepper


Well first you gotta make the tahini. Pour sesame seeds into your food processor and give them a grind. Start pouring in olive oil, tablespoon at a time, until a thin paste has formed. It should be pourable but not too runny. 

Transfer your tahini to a small mixing bowl. Squeeze in the juice from one full lemon and add dried basil and oregano and agave. Grind in LOTS of black pepper. Whisk around. Add a little water, or olive oil if you prefer. Test and season to taste.

Add to salads or into veggie wraps!

Salad game strong:


One Comment Add yours

  1. Pamplemousse says:

    I made a tahini dressing salad yesterday!!! Yours looks so delish!! Love me a simple tasty dressing on an amazing salad 😊


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