The “I’m not a morning person” No-Prep Brekkie Bowl

Breakfast is serious business. I’m a big believer in it. But, I have to confess that I have not gotten on the smoothie train (even though they all look beautiful!) and here’s why: I’m not a morning person but I have be up to get my ass to work. So making smoothies of any sort is just not in the cards for me. If I have to use a cutting board to make my breakfast that’s borderline too much work. So the idea of getting out a blender, using it and then WASHING it is literally impossible. 

I know what you’re thinking – I could prep the night before. This is true, but I get home for work in the evenings around 8 most nights and then make dinner, so to then wash up from dinner and turn around and prep breakfast is not how I like to spend my whole night. At least, not consistently. 

I’m not crazy, right? Are all the smoothies in the world made on the weekends? I can’t be the only one who doesn’t wake up at 6am to make lovely smoothie bowls in my beautiful clean kitchen while the birds are chirping outside… 

Anyway, if you’re more like me and you often work late and thinking about prepping lunch in advance is all you can handle, and you have a boyfriend who likes to elbow you in the face during the night and you wake up grumpy and in dire need of coffee and are debating whether you have to put in the effort to shower…. Here’s a breakfast bowl for you! Stay strong, keep putting those alarms on snooze.



Alright, here’s one of my go-to breakfasts. No cutting boards or equipment required. Stick these ingredients on your weekly grocery list for quick but yummy and filling breakfasts all week.



One other type of fruit (I used mango this time but more often blueberries)

Good quality granola

Nut/seed/fruit trail mix

Chia seeds (optional – see notes)

Almond milk or other non-dairy milk

Things you’ll need:

A bowl.

A knife.


Slice a banana into the bowl. Add in some of a second fruit of your choice (mango does need to be chopped, I guess, so that violates the no-prep rule. But I had one I needed to use up on this particular morning, and actually didn’t need a cutting board. If you’ve never looked up how to cut a mango, google it! Your life will be so much easier!) If you want to make this even easier, choose blueberries or blackberries or something you can just throw on.

Top with some granola, nuts and seeds mix, chia seeds and a splash of almond milk. Mix it all up and enjoy! 


  • First if all – yes – buy good granola. The other stuff is full of added sugars and stuff. Or make your own! I usually buy one of the cheaper bulk granolas from my organic store, and I also look for sales of the good kinds and stock up when the price is reduced. 
  • Same thing for trail mix. Keep a big jar in your pantry and throw the ends of bags of nuts and dried fruits in there, whatever you. bought that week for other uses, as a cost-saving homemade nut and dried fruit mix. And Aldi is really good for cheap stuff of this sort, too.
  • As for chia seeds – yes, this is the kind of organic-store ingredient I don’t usually buy consistently because of the price. But, again, Aldi!! So much cheaper, you can get a bag for like $4 and it last for ages, so you get weeks of fiber-full chia seeds in your life.


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