True Life: I Really Missed Hummus

Hello! I thought maybe it was time for a short update before I start kicking up my activity on here again. Here’s what’s been going on:

1. My last post was in February, when I was in Shanghai. We spent two months there. Even though I missed the sun and nature, I generally loved it. All the expats based there are really awesome and welcoming. I had a weekly board game night. I learned a bit of Mandarin. I ate noodles and tofu of all varieties and built up a much more acceptable tolerance to spicy food. After 2 months it was already a home for me and I miss it terribly.

2. We then hopped over to Vietnam for the month of March. We bought a motorcycle and rode it 600 miles through the country, making it as far as Hoi An. Here there was plenty of nature and fresh, vegetarian food. Vietnamese people are among the most friendly in the world. I ate a lot of spring rolls and banh mi sandwiches and went to some truly incredible hole-in-the-wall vegetarian restaurants. I learned that being on the back of a motorbike hurts your bum a lot but feels incredibly free.

3. Earlier this month we returned to the U.S. with the grim realization that we needed jobs and, despite everything we loved about backpacking, we both have things we love to do at home that we felt were falling by the wayside. Ryan needs to be making music; I need to cook. So here we are back in Illinois. Unfortunately we aren’t able to move into our new (goddamn adorable) apartment for another week, so I am still kitchenless. But, at least I’ve been reunited with my long lost love, hummus, and we are having plenty of us time to catch up. Only food I missed while abroad. Seriously. And, I had the chance to make an awesome coconut tempeh curry for my family in Colorado.

Anyway I am super excited to have the opportunity to properly cook, support local producers, and blog again soon. I have renewed motivation. I mean, the truth is that I’m scared I’ve lost my mojo in the kitchen. I feel a little unsure of what I’m doing after such a long break, and a lot less sure of my instincts for cooking without recipes. So at first I will be looking to all your beautiful posts for inspiration and encouragement 😊

Missed y’all xxx

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great to have you back ‘girlstirfried’. What an experience for you. Looking forward to your next installment.


  2. eatinerant says:

    I know how you feel. I’ve just got home after travelling with my boyfriend for a year – we also bought a motorbike and drove through Vietnam, and the thing I missed most was also hummus! It’s scary being back but I’m so happy to be cooking again. Good luck getting back in the kitchen!


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