Simplicity, Laziness and Lunch

One of the reasons I struggle to update this blog most of the time is that the more I cook and learn about food, the simpler the food I make seems to get. The days of recipe testing are long gone for me, and have been replaced by easily thrown together, delicious and simply-seasoned meals. Like a rainbow of veggies just vomited onto my plate. This is especially true in the summer months – I’ve basically been living off tomatoes, avocados, greens, and eggs for the past three months. Not thrilling food blog content.

Having said that, I do like to believe that there are people like me out there: people that L-O-V-E food but don’t want making it to be needlessly complicated; people that don’t have central AC and avoid turning their ovens on from June to September; people that would rather eat cheese, grapes and crackers than almost anything else; people that absolutely H-A-T-E getting a week’s worth of groceries all at once and braving Aldi at rush hour.

Seriously. Screw you Aldi and your unbeatable prices that take away any excuse I have to shop anywhere else. Your store makes me want to fight old women for bananas and run over small annoying children with my shopping cart and generally makes me feel like a bad person.

Anyway the point is that I have become something of a master of putting little plates together for myself that require almost NO work and make me feel like I’m having a special meal. Here’s one I made yesterday for a colorful lunch on a hot day when I had almost no food in my fridge….

I used:

4 dolmas (Dolmas are vegetarian grape leaves stuffed with rice, dill and other seasonings, usually kept in olive oil. They are super cheap and delicious!)

Sliced red bell pepper

Mixed greens of whatever kind

Handful of chickpeas

Dollop of hummus

I seasoned with:

Splash of balsamic, mostly on the greens

Crushed red pepper


Small drizzle of olive oil

And it was perfect! And yes, these photos were taken on my bed, where I ate lunch because that’s where my window AC unit is. Did I mention my apartment is hot as hell??


FullSizeRender (1)

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