Simplicity, Laziness and Lunch

One of the reasons I struggle to update this blog most of the time is that the more I cook and learn about food, the simpler the food I make seems to get. The days of recipe testing are long gone for me, and have been replaced by easily thrown together, delicious and simply-seasoned meals….

Quinoa, Mushrooms and Broccoli Two Ways

Aldi is my jam. On weeks when I’m trying to keep the grocery bill low and avoid buying unnecessary extra ingredients for specific dishes, I pretty much just hit up the Aldi produce section with zero plan. Then I throw meals together with what is already in my pantry (see Spicy Tomato Fajita Vegetables Inspired By My…

Shakshouka-Style Eggs with Red Onion, Sweet Peas and Balsamic

Man, it is FRIGID in Illinois these days. So I’m pretty into all things hot and saucy and soupy at the moment. And these shakshouka-style eggs totally did the trick with red onion, yellow pepper and sweet peas along with extra crushed red pepper… fresh and warming all at the same time. Had this for…

True Life: I Really Missed Hummus

Hello! I thought maybe it was time for a short update before I start kicking up my activity on here again. Here’s what’s been going on: 1. My last post was in February, when I was in Shanghai. We spent two months there. Even though I missed the sun and nature, I generally loved it….